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Mental Health Support for Adults & Adolescents

We understand that, sometimes, life can be difficult and confusing. Mental health challenges — whether it’s chronic stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship problems — can prevent you from finding joy and purpose in your life. At Bloor West Therapy, we help you make sense of things — even when life doesn’t so that you can cope during challenging times. When situations feel complex and overwhelming, we help you process them and manage your way through. The result? You can feel better, fully engage in life, improve relationships, and overcome adversities.

Individualised Approach to Psychotherapy

Whether you have tried therapy before, or you are seeking it for the first time, we’re here to help. With an extensive therapy team and a variety of specialties, we are Bloor West Village’s most comprehensive mental health clinic. Compassion and competence are the cornerstones of our clinic. We offer a flexible, gentle, and person-centred approach to help you stop feeling ‘stuck’ and start feeling empowered. Through the therapeutic process, we help you have better days and times ahead. Get started with a confidential 15-minute consultation and find out if our approach is right for you.

Mental Health Treatment & Services

Working Together to Help You Feel Your Best

Without the right clinic, you may not get the flexible and personalized approach to therapy that you deserve. Through the supportive process at Bloor West Therapy, our clients can typically expect to:

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