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What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling is a collaborative effort where we work with you to identify what about your current job is not fulfilling. We work together to find the gaps between what you are currently doing and what you want to do.

It’s a combination of identifying the work that you find fulfilling and teaching you practical job search skills. Our initial session is an intake where we gather information about your interests, skills, and values. Then through a combination of self-discovery exercises and guidance, we create the foundation for you to be able to obtain employment that you enjoy and find rewarding.

Our goal is to set you up for success by sharing current information about the job market and search tools. As well as, collaboratively working together to learn more about you and how to identify, articulate, and utilize your skills to identify and obtain the work you want.

When Can Career Counselling Help?

Realizing you are unhappy at work is a hard step. Realizing you are the only one with the power to change is even harder.

There can be a lot of apprehension around moving towards a career that you want and leaving what you previously worked for behind. There are many thoughts that keep us stuck in jobs that make us feel miserable:

  • Not knowing what your options are
  • Feeling like making a change will mean you wasted time, energy, and money
  • Needing a stable and steady income
  • Believing that fulfilling work will not support your quality of life
  • Fearing like you could work towards something different and still end up feeling the same way

You absolutely can find work that is fulfilling and aligns with your values. You just need to know where to start.

At Bloor West Therapy we work with people who are struggling to figure out what work they find meaningful, work that can support their lifestyle and work that they can grow in. Together we set those goals and work to achieve them.

If you are struggling to motivate yourself to leave a job that makes you feel stuck, drained, stressed, and unhappy and you need a way out – let’s talk and we can set up an initial call to see if you want to take the next step.

How it Works at Bloor West Therapy

At Bloor West Therapy we provide one on one sessions. The initial session is an intake where we learn more about your current situation, skills, interests, values, and work search experience. From there we create an action plan together.

In the subsequent sessions, we work towards your goal by setting up the foundation for you to build on. Through a combination of self-discovery exercises and sharing work search information, you will gain the knowledge, insight, and tools to be independently successful in your search.

Frequently Asked Questions

It varies from person to person but approximately 3 - 5 sessions.

$100/session (taxes are included)

For resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn we will give you feedback and suggestions. We explain what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for so that you have the tools to make those changes and adjustments independently.
While there can be some overlap, a career coach focuses on professional and career-related goals whereas a life coach focuses on personal goals. A life coach can help you plan for relationships and self-care. Career coaching helps you identify your professional goals, what is preventing you from reaching them and sets you up with the tools and foundation to be able to achieve them.
"Work is such a big part of our lives, it is more than just a pay cheque, it provides us meaningfulness and is part of our identity. So when work isn't going well, the impact is very real and can affect many parts of our life. It is difficult to change jobs, let alone careers, but when it is affecting you negatively it is always worth it."
Dr. Katerina Malat
Registered Clinical Psychologist
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