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Getting Help for Anxiety

If anxiety, stress, or other mental health challenges are hindering your well-being, we are here to support and guide you. We understand that anxiety can have a significant impact on your daily life, and we are equipped to offer personalized approaches tailored to your unique needs. Don’t let anxiety hold you back— take the first step towards finding relief and mental wellness. Reach out to us today.

Helping You Manage Anxiety

One size simply does not fit all when it comes to treating anxiety — which is why we provide a flexible and personalized approach to therapy. Your past experiences, present circumstances, and personality are completely unique, so it makes sense that your therapy should be as well. Contact us today to book a complimentary 15-minute consultation and find out if we’re the right fit for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anxiety is a condition of nervous system arousal.

Some people appear to be more prone to anxiety than others, there seems to be a genetic component to it. Anxiety can also be learned.

We can think of anxiety as a physical response (you feel it in your body due to stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol being released to make you ready to fight or run for your life or freeze to survive an attack) to a real or perceived threat (your brain processes information from your environment and determines threat levels, sometimes overestimating the severity).

Anxiety can be a response to a situational or environmental stressor, such as a relationship problem, work overload, health problem, etc. or a recurring thinking pattern, such as catastrophic thinking, “what-if” thinking, or jumping to conclusions.

In therapy, we work to manage anxiety through addressing both environmental stressors and thought patterns.

Most often, anxiety will reduce with treatment.

We can usually reduce it to different degrees, for some it is significant and complete, for others just enough not to cause distress or impairment.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is evidence-based and has been shown to be most effective in addressing different types of anxiety. At Bloor West Therapy, we most often use CBT to treat anxiety, starting with psychoeducation, where you learn about anxiety to help understand what is happening with your mind and body, to help you have a clearer idea and thus command over your automatic thoughts and emotional reactions. We also use other evidence-based tailored approaches for specific types of anxiety where recommended, such as Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) to treat OCD.

Every person is different, but on average, most clients benefit from and experience relief in four to 12 sessions.

It also depends on how much work you are able to do in between sessions, as well as whether it is situational and ongoing or related to long-standing thought patterns.

Simply click on the button below to send us a note or give us a call at 416.546.7496. We will set up your complimentary 15-minute consultation. If you decide to book a session after that, we will match you with a therapist that suits your needs and circumstances.

“We created Bloor West Therapy to offer effective and client-centred services that are flexible and tailored to each client’s unique needs - all in a warm and supportive environment. We aim to empower clients through understanding, and help them reach their goals.”
Dr. Ragne Pajo & Dr. Katerina Malat
Founders, Bloor West Therapy
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