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We get a lot of questions about depression. What are the causes of depression? What are the signs and symptoms of depression? How do you treat depression? Many people have felt depressed at some point in their lives. It can pass quickly, and they can carry on with their lives. However, sometimes, depression can be persistent and difficult to find relief. We try and answer some of your questions here.

Working With Medication

We are often asked if we prescribe medication, or what we think of medication in general. We do not prescribe, and therefore also have limits to our knowledge and training on the chemical side of things. Here we explain certain things to keep in mind from a clinical perspective.

How Long Will Therapy Take?

We often get asked how long therapy takes or how many sessions a person should expect to attend. This is always a difficult question to answer. There is a broad range as to how many sessions or how long it takes to meet one’s goals. One thing I can say for sure is that we work as fast as we can to provide relief, and we are mindful of your budget. The short answer is, it varies depending on what is bringing you to therapy and numerous other factors, and therefore is very difficult to predict. I also want to be careful in terms of setting any expectations, with the danger being that it may unduly affect a person’s expectations or view of themselves and the work they are here to do. That being said, here are some ideas that may or may not apply to your situation