A lot of people have felt depressed at some point. Often it passes quickly and people carry on with their lives. Sometimes, however, depression can …

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What is The Difference Between Acceptance & Giving Up?

We work a fair bit with the concept of acceptance, which can deliver very powerful and liberating effects on how a person feels about themselves …

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Working With Medication

We are often asked if we prescribe medication, or what we think of medication in general. We do not prescribe, and therefore also have limits …

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How Long Will Therapy Take?

We often get asked how long therapy takes or how many sessions a person should expect to attend. This is always a difficult question to …

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How We Work & What You Can Expect From Therapy

Hi there, In this blog section, we will try to cover different topics that arise in our work. We are hoping the postings will be …

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"Knowledge is power. At Bloor West Therapy, we do a lot of educating about thoughts and feelings, and the connection between mind and body, to help understand how to manage it all. You can take the knowledge with you and use it for the rest of your life."
Bloor West Therapy
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